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Wildfire Ceramic Studio would like to invite you to apply to the 3rd Annual High Fire Show! WCS is excited to showcase the unique ways artists are using clay to create artistic, utilitarian objects to celebrate the ritual, and everyday use of Marijuana.



Wildfire Ceramic Studio will be partnering with We’d to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in Montana.

As marijuana becomes legal and more accessible in more and more states, WCS is striving to help raise awareness and support against the unfair circumstances of those who have suffered criminal convictions due to criminalization of cannabis.


We are donating 10% of all proceeds from our 4/20 Show to the Last Prisoner Project. Last year because of the talented artists who participated and all of the wonderful community support, WCS was able to donate $199.50 to the Last Prisoner Project. Join us in our efforts to surpass our previous donation!


If you would like to learn more about the Last Prisoner Project please visit their website:


“The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. LPP was founded in 2019 out of the belief that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal cannabis industry, those individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.”



  • March 17th       Entry deadline

  • March 20th       Applicants will be notified of acceptance

  • March 29th       Delivery of artwork to the Gallery

  • April 7th           First Friday opening

  • April 20th         420 Celebration


  • Each artist may submit up to 5 artworks. $10 non-refundable entry fee. 

  • Work must be no larger 24 inches in any direction.

  • All works must be original and completed within the last three years.

  • All work must be for sale; the gallery retains 50% commission on work that is sold.

  • The artist is responsible for the cost of return shipping for unsold items.

  • Please fully read the following instructions. Applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.





Read this whole page! Then, click on the "Apply" button, fill out all of the information for each piece and attach an image of each piece.


Digital images must be:

  1. In .jpeg format

  2. 300dpi and longest length of 5 inches.

  3. In file name format: jdoe_title_1, jdoe_title_2, jdoe_title_ 3 etc.

All entries with images that do not follow this format OR appear to have been enhanced will be disqualified. No videos will be accepted.



Entry does not guarantee acceptance, but we will send jurying results to all artists. Accepted work will be featured on WCS’s website. If accepted, the exact piece(s) submitted must be sent. 


If your work fits that bill then...

  1. Label each piece with its title.

  2. Fill out the inventory sheet (yes! all of it!) and include it in your box with your work.

  3. Insure your work (optional but highly recommended). WCS does not hold any liability for work stolen or broken during shipping.

  4. If shipping, include a return label, check, or your venmo/paypall information account for return shipping. Any unsold artwork that does not have a payment for return shipping will become the property of WCS 90 days after the end of the exhibition. 

  5. Ship it to our PO Box (below) in time to arrive by the deadline above. See our note below about shipping!


We highly recommend that you insure your work if shipping. The artist is responsible for safe delivery and shipping costs.

Artist must include a return shipping label, check, or be prepared to pay an electronic invoice for return shipping costs (NO STAMPS). Pack your pieces well, always double box. Damaged artworks will not be included in the exhibition.

All work must be shipped via USPS to

Wildfire Ceramic Studio

PO Box 16182

Missoula, MT, 59808


If you have to ship via FedEx or UPS please ship to

3150 Great Northern, #16182,

Missoula, MT 59808


*Do not ship to Wildfire Ceramic Studio’s Physical Address*

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