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406 cup show

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Wildfire Ceramic Studio is excited to announce its 3rd Annual 406 Cup Show! This show aims to celebrate and explore the traditional and innovative techniques artists are using to create ceramic cups today. There will be 406 cups on display in honor of the Montana area code, 406! For this exhibition, it is preferred that artists have 3-15 cups to show. 

This exhibition will be represented on our website in an online gallery format as well as an in-person exhibit at our brick-and-mortar location in Missoula, MT. We will have an opening reception as part of the Missoula First Friday Art Stroll and additional gallery events for holiday gifting!



  • Inventory Details Due:      Sept 24th - see form here 

  • Delivery of artwork:          Oct 9-20th - locals can begin dropping pieces off Oct 1.    

  • Opening Reception:         Nov 3rd

  • Last day of exhibition:      Dec 29th               



  • Each artist may submit 3-15 artworks 

  • Each submission must be

  1. A food-safe cup

  2. For sale

  • The gallery retains 50% commission on work that is sold

  • The artist is responsible for the cost of return shipping for unsold items.

  • Please fully read the following instructions. Applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.

  • We are currently only accepting work shipped within the USA.

  • If accepted, the exact piece(s) submitted must be sent. 


Read this whole page! Then, click on the "Submit" button, fill out all of the information for each piece and attach an image of each piece. 


Digital images must be:

  1. In .jpeg format

  2. 300dpi and longest length of 5 inches.

  3. In file name format: jdoe_title_1, jdoe_title_2, jdoe_title_ 3 etc.



Check your email for confirmation that your entry was received. Please email if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24hrs. Be sure to also check your spam folder for our emails.


After we process your submission form, we will send a follow-up email with your inventory sheet to include with your work.

Please follow the instructions below (also in your acceptance email):

  1. Read and fill-out the Guest Artist Contract 

  2. Print the Inventory Tracking Slip (in follow-up email) and include it in your box with your work.

  3. Label each piece with its corresponding Wildfire SKU (see your Inventory Tracking Slip).

  4. Email to make an appointment to drop it off in-person or ship it to our PO Box (below) in time to arrive by the deadline above. See our note below about shipping.


  1. Insure your work (optional but highly recommended). WCS does not hold any liability for work stolen or broken during shipping.

  2. Include a return label or blank check for return shipping. Work without one of these will be charged a $5 processing fee. Any unsold artwork that does not have a payment for return shipping will become the property of WCS 90 days after the end of the exhibition. 

  3. Pack your pieces well, always double box and secure fragile areas. Damaged artworks will not be included in the exhibition.

All work must be shipped via USPS to

Wildfire Ceramic Studio

PO Box 16182

Missoula, MT, 59808


If you have to ship via FedEx or UPS please ship to

3150 Great Northern, #16182,

Missoula, MT 59808. 


*Do not ship to Wildfire Ceramic Studio’s Physical Address*

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