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Juried by Missoula Artist and Professor Trey Hill


It was a true pleasure to jury this work. Jurying an exhibition always feels like I am getting a
glimpse in to the far reaches of the ceramics field and Chroma was no different. Deciding what work to accept was difficult for me. In the end, I choose pieces that resonated with me on both a formal and personal level. The breadth and depth of the work was an affirmation of the strength of our field. The exhibition represents a cross section of work from pure abstraction to representation. These artists used color fearlessly and often and the pieces don’t quietly sit in the corner of the gallery, but overwhelm the viewer with a sense of sight and begin the dialogue in all caps. WELCOME TO CHROMA.

About Trey:

Trey Hill is a professional sculptor and Associate Professor at The University of Montana where he teaches in both the ceramics and sculpture. His colleagues include Beth Lo and Julia Galloway. He received his BFA from Bowling Green State University in 1999 and his MFA from San Jose State University in 2002. 

His work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States and internationally. Trey has extensive travel and creative experiences through his vast artist residencies including: The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT; the LH Project Joseph, OR; Da Wang Cultural Highlands, DaWang, China; HAP Studios, Beijing, China; Fule International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, China; and the Rojal Art Laboratory, Roja, Latvia.

Artist Statement: 

My new body of work springs from the lure of attraction, seduction, sensuality, beauty, and grace. I am fascinated not only by the sensuality and grace of the human form, but also the exploration of the prosaic. I pull forth emotions that are at once, beautiful and raucous, yet elemental and essential, all the while exploring our human hesitancies.

The work employs anatomical fragments along with other recognizable images to create pieces that reflect these complex inquiries. By employing segments of the universality of human experience, my work alludes to the hauntingly delicate beauty of the exterior that masks the emotion and strength of structure that lies beneath the surface. Using various forms as building blocks to create larger works, I am able to able to deeply explore my curiosities and maintain a technically challenging studio environment.

I aim to seduce the senses while exploring the fragile boundaries that weave human sexuality, strength, power, emotion, and vulnerability into one cohesive identity. 



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