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Wildfire Ceramic Studio's goal is to provide a professional and creative atmosphere for emerging artists. For a small group of those experienced in ceramics, we offer monthly shelf rentals for July-August (possibly longer).


All rentals also include

  • Open studio time 70 hrs/week*

  • Use of studio equipment:

7 Wheels (a mix of Shimpo, Brent, and Pacifica)- 3 can be reserved in-advance

4 Workbenches

1 Slab roller

1 Medium Barlett Kiln: Electric w/ V6-CF programming

1 Small Duncan Kiln: Electric with kiln sitter

Scales for weighing glaze materials

Wedging table

Communal hand tools for throwing, trimming, painting, glazing, etc. 

  • ​Use of studio glazes (5) 

Each $60 shelf rental includes:

  • (1) 2'x4' private shelf

  • (2) free communal firings/month (one bisque and one cone 6 glaze) with the option to schedule and pay for extra firings

Reserve 5 (a full shelving unit) for the price of 4 ($240)

*Open Studio Hours:

12pm-10pm everyday (excluding occasional conflicting Wildfire events and classes)

Request Form

Thanks for inquiring! We’ll get back to you shortly!

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