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Resident Artist/Instructor 




Gabs Conway is a sculptural ceramic artist based in Missoula Montana. She grew up throwing
and sculpting alongside her father while he studied ceramics in Mankato, Minnesota. In May of
2021, she earned her BFA, with a concentration in ceramics at the University of Wisconsin -
Stout. Now, a full time artist and educator. In her personal work, she is curious about pushing the
boundaries of clay. Stemming from the playful, mundane experiences of living and intrigued by
familiarity in the unusual, she explores relationships and community.



Resident Artist/Instructor


About Me

Connecticut-born artist, Maya Moen, has fostered her passion for ceramics and the ceramic community since 2013. Maya is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design BFA program and has also spent a year as a studio resident working with students and faculty at the university of Montana, Missoula.

Maya has always been drawn to the beauty of utilitarian items inspired by traditional crafting techniques. From knitting, to quilting, basket weaving, and printmaking; Maya allows the visual language and iconography of these often-overlooked disciplines to influence and enhance her functional ceramic forms. Decorated with delicate floral patterns and bold areas of color, Maya’s tableware pieces showcase forms that appear soft and comfortable. Her works are made to be touched and

used, symbolism explored and changed through interaction. Individuals explore their own connection between form, surface, and function as they interact with each piece.

Her work has been featured in juried shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maine and Montana. Currently her work is exhibited in the collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture.





About Me

Bruce Kitts was born and raised in Central Illinois where he received his BFA from SIU at Carbondale in 2009 that followed up with a two year residency at Terra Incognito in Oak Park, Illinois. He received his MA from EIU in 2012. As a member of the Illinois Artisan Program, his work has been displayed in various galleries and museums throughout Illinois. In 2015, Bruce left for the west coast where he was a studio tech and artist in resident at the Mendocino Art Center. Since then, his work has been displayed in several nationally juried exhibitions. In 2017, Bruce moved to Helena, MT to work as a studio potter and currently resides in Missoula, MT.





About Me

I am an Idaho-born Missoulian with a passion for community-building via the arts. Intrigue into cultural expression and the relationships between self & other and function & aesthetics fueled my studies (BFA in ceramics & photography and BA in anthropology at University of Montana). These continue to inspire me and my art-making, which is currently focused on functional ceramic wares (mostly cups and earrings). 

My professional background is 20 years of hybrid positions in food/beverage/hospitality, teaching, and the arts. When not making in or working for the Studio, I like to cook/dine with my loved ones, chat with my brewery folks and B&B guests, put on music & food events, and enjoy the outdoors.

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