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Wildfire Ceramic Studio is excited to announce its 3rd Annual 406 Cup Show! This show aims to celebrate and explore the traditional and innovative techniques artists are using to create ceramic cups today. There will be 406 cups on display in honor of the Montana area code, 406!

This exhibition will be represented on our website in an online gallery format as well as an in-person exhibit at our brick-and-mortar location in Missoula, MT. See this show in person during one the following events:

  • Nov 3rd from 5-9pm: Opening reception as part of the Missoula First Friday Art Stroll

  • Nov 25th from 12-4pm: Small Business Saturday open house

  • Dec 1st, 5-9pm: Missoula First Friday Art Stroll

  • Dec 8th, 5-9pm: Holiday Pop-up

Exhibiting Artists

Amy Schnitzer

Alisha Porter

Ashley Campbell

Beth Lo

Be Rose Snyder

Bill Jones

Bri Shores

Brian Chen

Brian Glow

Brian Jensen

Brian Sarama

Bruce Kitts

Carla Dickey Prinster

Casey Beck

Celena Burnett

Charlotte Grenier

Christopher Watt

Chrystal O'Boyle

Courtney Bobowiec

Dean Leeper

Dennis Portz

EC Comstock

Elisha Harteis

Gabs Conway

Glenn Parks

Hannah Kautto

HP Bloomer IV

Huey Lee

Ian Hazard Bill

Ian Wieczorek

Indigo Cristol

Isaac Rolf

Jason Edmonds

Jason Wang

Jazmine Penelope

Jim Mitchell

Joe Godfrey

Joe Taylor

Joshua Kuensting

Julianna Dougherty

Kassandra Carey

Kate Lincoln

Kevin Hock

Kyle Lascelle

Krissy Ramirez

Lane Chapman

Lauren Ashley Sievers

Lee Sturmans

Lindsey Tucker


Liz Mazurek

LOM Ceramics

Lukas Easton

Luke Fasano

Madeline Esper

Marlies Borchers

Marnie Prange

Maya Moen

Megan Sprenger

Michael McCollough

Nate Ditzler & Laura Konecne

Nicole Bethune

Nicolle Hamm

Nikita Nenashev

Ryan Caldwell

Sadie Winter

Samantha Purze

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Magar

Stella Nall

Tyler Quintin

Troy Case

Veronica Lash

Yve Holtzclaw

Previous 406 Cup Show Pieces
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