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Join us for this stunning solo show! You can see the full show of Maya's works by visiting us in-person at our gallery in Missoula (2502 Murphy St.) and online in our virtual Sales Gallery, starting Oct 6th at 5pm.

Here's a note from Maya about her inspirations and materials:

"I think living in Missoula, one is always close to nature. The hills and mountains that surround us are teaming with life. I feel so honored to have been welcomed into this community of makers, dreamers, and outdoorsmen and so, as a lifelong fan of florals, I wanted to take the opportunity to honor some locals. From Morrells, to berries, weeds, and wildflowers I am continually impressed with what the next bend has to offer. 


Growing up in New England my skyline was first hemmed with trees and later cut off by the city skyline of Boston. The big sky I find myself under now is still a welcome surprise. I will never grow tired of watching clouds and thunderstorms race across the landscape painting the ground with their dappled shadows and so those soft motifs have found their way into my work as well.   


This show will feature a mix of platters, planters, drinking and pouring vessels. My forms focus on a sense of abundance. Cozy, inflated, forms that invite touch and use. My large charger platters are a canvas for more detailed drawings that can be hung and admired, or used in service. After all, what better challenge is there then to fill a plate with food enough to share. 


With a mixture of underglaze and a variety of colored glazes, I strive for layered imagery that creates its own tactile landscape of the surface of my pieces. The dark stoneware I use is an ode to early American pottery, specifically the Paul Revere Pottery done by the Saturday Evening Pottery Girls from 1908-1942, a shop whose goal it was to create cultural and monetary opportunities for young immigrant women."

- Maya Moen



Resident Artist


About Me

Connecticut-born artist, Maya Moen, has fostered her passion for ceramics and the ceramic community since 2013. Maya is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design BFA program. Maya has also spent a year as a studio resident working with students and faculty at the University of Montana, Missoula and is currently a long-term resident at Wildfire Ceramic Studio. 

Maya has always been drawn to the beauty of utilitarian items inspired by traditional crafting techniques. From knitting, to quilting, basket weaving, and printmaking; Maya allows the visual language and iconography of these often-overlooked disciplines to influence and enhance her functional ceramic forms. Decorated with delicate floral patterns and bold areas of color, Maya’s tableware pieces showcase forms that appear soft and comfortable. Her works are made to be touched and

used, symbolism explored and changed through interaction. Individuals explore their own connection between form, surface, and function as they interact with each piece.

Her work has been featured in juried shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maine and Montana. Currently her work is exhibited in the collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture.

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