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Tropical Leaves

Flora | Fauna | Fiction

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Flora | Fauna | Fiction 

Flora|Fauna|Fiction  juried by Missoula based artist Sara Catapano, explores the exciting ways artists use nature to create representational, abstract, or fiction based work. This call is open to all media and interpretations of Flora|Fauna|Fiction.

Flora|Fauna|Fiction will be represented on our website in an online gallery format as well as an in-person show at our brick-and-mortar location in Missoula, MT, and a part of the Missoula First Friday Art Stroll. 

June 6th               Entry deadline

June13th              Applicants will be notified of acceptance

July 11-15             Delivery of artwork (Artwork should not be delivered before or after.)

August 5               First Friday opening


​General Rules

Each artist may submit up to 3 artworks. One image per artwork. $10 entry fee. Free For students. Entry does not guarantee acceptance. Accepted work will be featured on WCS’s website and artists must provide professional quality documentation of art. No videos will be accepted. Work must be no larger 24 inches in any direction. All works must be original and completed within the last three years. If accepted, the exact piece submitted must be sent. We will send jurying results to all artists.

  • Small pedestals will be provided for 3D pieces. 

  • Work must be ready to install upon delivery.

  • All hardware necessary for installation must be included.

  • Artists must provide any other special equipment to display work.

  • All work must be for sale; the gallery retains 50% commission on work that is sold.

  • Artist is responsible for following all guidelines for shipping work, as well as the cost of shipping to and from the gallery.

  • Artist is responsible for insuring artwork, WCS does not hold any liability for work stolen or broken during shipping. 

Please fully read the following instructions. Applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.​


Applications must be emailed to, titled jdoe_application in .doc or .pdf format typed, not written, with the $10 non-refundable entry fee. Follow the payment link to pay with a credit card or PayPal account. Ensure that the name on your application matches the name on your entry fee payment. Current students do not need to pay an entry fee. If you are a student please submit an entry through student email.

If work is accepted all corresponding documents must be submitted with jdoe_title_contract in .doc or .pdf. 



Digital images must be in .jpeg format and must be 300dpi and the longest length  of 5 inches (1500px by 1500px). File name format: jdoe_title_1, jdoe_title_2, jdoe_title_ 3. Unless the work is installation-based, Images that appear to have been enhanced will not be accepted.​

All images that do not follow this format will be disregarded and not juried and the application fee will not be refunded. 



All accepted artworks must be for sale. There will be a 50% commission on artworks sold during the exhibition, the artist keeps 50%. Artworks that do not sell during the exhibition will be returned to the artist; the artist is responsible for the cost of return shipping.



We highly recommend that you insure your work through shipping. The artist is responsible for safe delivery and shipping costs. Artists must include a return shipping label, check, or be prepared to pay an electronic invoice for return shipping costs (NO STAMPS). There will be a $5 fee if you do not include a form of return shipping, securely attach an inventory form to each accepted work. Inventory forms will be sent out along with acceptance notifications. Pack your pieces well, always double box. Damaged artworks will not be included in the exhibition. Any unsold artwork that does not have a payment for return shipping will become the property of WCS 90 days after the end of the exhibition. 



All work must be shipped to our PO Box, (PO Box 16182, Missoula, MT, 59801). All work must be shipped via USPS, if unable and you are shipping using FedEx or UPS please ship to (3150 Great Northern, #16182, Missoula, MT 59801). 

*Do not ship to Wildfire Ceramic Studio’s Physical Address*


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