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Juried by Montana Artist Sara Catapano

About Sara Catapano:
  • Born: 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Raised/grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri,  graduating high school in 2007.

  • Attended UNC-Wilmington for first two years of college then transferred to UNC-Charlotte.

  • Graduated from UNCC in December of 2012 with BFA in Fine art, focus in Ceramics.

  • MFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

  • Current artist in residence at Studio 740!

  • Oldest of two, Vegetarian, Cat enthusiast. Tess and Leeloo are my feline children. 

Artist Statement: 

The relationship between the natural world and the metropolis of man is, at times, harmonious; however it is a habitual power struggle for dominance, progression and survival. I employ forms, textures, and compositions found in nature as design elements in my sculptures to juxtapose against architectural components that exist in materials reminiscent of industry. I fuse an abstracted reference to plants, bacteria, and geological systems with patterns of growth, decay, degradation, erosion, and gestation to create a biomorphic ingredient which both confronts and reacts to the minimal and formalistic component. Skeletonizing the influence of man made structures and materials in relation to natural growth patterns. My ambiguous forms discuss the complexities of organic life within the imagined environment they are created for; in some cases, I begin with a solid block of clay, carving into and through the material, exposing and leaving only the most essential tendrils for support and structure. Other works bring to life an imagined hybrid of micro/macro organisms with geological and biological flora and fauna from land and sea. Referencing the anatomical and parasitic residents of our natural world as a metaphor for the thoughts and feelings of the human condition, these bio-expressive forms are, in some ways, reactions and responses to social and personal experiences.

Ducks shot.jpg

Flora \ Fauna \ Fiction

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